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You must mine for resources, build a colony and an army to defeat your opponent. Vehicles can only move orthogonally (not diagonally), so plan carefully.

Can play board sizes ranging from 4x4 (just for learning) up to 8x8, with bigger boards getting more strategic.

Play against the computer or a friend. It's fun to play with a friend on a big screen and gamepad.


Planetfall is a free game. However, when downloading through Itch, you can choose to pay a symbolic amount for it.

If you are interested in the game and would be up for playing the game online in 1v1 multiplayer, please make a donation through Itch. If I see there is at least some interest in this, I will work on multiplayer mode even after the game is otherwise finished.

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  • Base (required for mining)
  • Power plant (required to have buildings operate)
  • Civilian factory - builds miners and builders
  • Military factory - builds fighters and demolishers
  • Smelter - converts crystals to diamonds
  • Turret - shoots everything within 1 square
  • Missile base - shoots everything within 2 squares
  • Missile shield - make missile attacks much less successful within 1 square


  • Builder - can build and repair buildings, as well as add anti-flare protection to buildings
  • Miner - mines diamonds and crystals
  • Fighter - effective against vehicles
  • Demolisher - effective against buildings


  • Solar flare - occasionally you'll get a warning that a solar flare is imminent
  • During a flare, only vehicles keep working - buildings stop working
  • Using a builder, you can add antiflare protection to buildings. Keep in mind you need to do this on the power plant as well


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Version 0.15.16
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Version 0.15.15

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